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I am a fine art photographer based in the south east of England. Having spent much of my childhood in the expansive landscape of Wiltshire, I have a love of the open air and views to the horizon which soothe the soul and inspire the creative mind.


An interest in photography was with me from a young age and, although always happy to be the one in any group willing to be behind the camera, it took a few years to realise how important it had become as a creative outlet. With the recovery from a long term knee injury finally allowing me to seek out the landscapes I’d always longed to shoot, I began to plan to get the image rather than taking a photo of where I simply happened to be. I’ll always site this last point as a pivotal moment in my photographic journey.


I now often find myself drawn to capture the glimpses within the wide vistas and smaller scenes that beg the question what, rather than where. I love an element of mystery in photography and I will often deliberately choose to work with vintage lenses, where embracing their perceived flaws they can bring a wonderful personality to modern digital photography.

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Proud supporter of the ethos of You+2

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Two page Spotlight article in issue 275 of Outdoor Photography magazine (Dec 21)

Among Piers featured on Biblioscapes and I had the pleasure of talking to Euan about the book on his Podcast 

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